NOCHI Opens The Door To Something Extraordinary

NOCHI realizes any level of investment in professional training requires a sacrifice. We’ve worked hard to ensure our tuition is aligned with real-world wages and career earnings opportunities.
NOCHI delivers the right education at the right price. We are proud to offer robust training programs with curricula and faculty vetted by CIA Consulting (of The Culinary Institute of America) in a city as rich in culinary heritage as New Orleans.



Fee Schedule

The summary of school charges is as follows:

Type Amount
Registration Fee $100
Tuition $14,000
Uniform (excludes shoes) $200
Tool Kit $400
*Textbook $75
Total $14,775

* Every student must acquire the required textbook(s) for their program before the start of classes, which NOCHI can provide at this cost.

Financial Assistance

More information on the following types of financial aid will be available on this page by fall 2018:

  • Special payment terms
  • Special low-interest rate student loans offered by local partner banks
  • Individual Development Accounts (IDAs) offered by local nonprofit partner organizations
  • Scholarships made available by NOCHI and Industry Partners

Check back in late summer for more information regarding available financial assistance.

NOCHI Certificate Programs

For the Aspiring Professional Who Is Ready To Invest In A Career, NOCHI Is The Place To Start.

Culinary Arts
Baking & Pastry

Cancellation Policy

Once a student enrolls in a program of study, his or her space cannot be made available to other students. However, students have the ability to cancel the Enrollment Agreement at any time. They may do so by giving signed and dated written notice indicating the student’s desire to cancel their Enrollment Agreement. This does not, however, relieve the student of all financial obligations. Please see the Refund Policy below for information regarding refunds in the event of a cancellation. 



Tuition Refund Policy

Refunds for Cancellation Within Three Business Days

A full refund will be issued to a student if he or she cancels the Enrollment Agreement before the start of classes and within three business days of signing the Agreement.

Refunds for Cancellation Before the Start of Classes

Students who cancel the Enrollment Agreement before the start of classes but more than three business days after signing the Agreement shall be issued a full refund with the exception of the $100 registration fee.

Refunds for withdrawal or dismissal after the start of classes are as follows:

Time of Cancellation Amount of Refund
Week 1 of the Program 90% of Tuition
Weeks 2-4 of the Program 75% of Tuition
Week 5 of the Program 55% of Tuition
During the Second Semester 30% of Tuition
After the Second Semester 0% of Tuition (no refund)

If the student has an outstanding balance due at the time of withdrawal or dismissal, an invoice will be mailed to the student. He or she will have 30 days from the date of the invoice to remit the outstanding balance or make payment arrangements with NOCHI for the outstanding balance. If the student does not contact the school within 30 days, his or her account may be referred to a collection agency.

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