When you love to eat, it helps to also love cooking—and with our enthusiast classes, you can make a night of both. Drop in and deep-dive into everything from international cuisine to regional foodways, or try culinary school for a day with in-depth lessons on indispensable savory and pastry techniques. Prefer drinking to eating? We’ve also got classes to breathe life into your inner sommelier or mixologist. Demonstration classes start at $65/person and hands-on classes start at $130/person, and you’ll be fed a full meal (with drink pairings!) in each one. Check back soon to see the schedule and save your spot.

Registration will be live soon, so keep checking this spot. When you join us at the ground level, we’ll sweeten the pot with a little discount on our very first enthusiast classes: a $120 gift certificate will get you into any two demo classes or any one hands-on class you’d like. Just drop a line to colleen@nochi.org and she’ll set you up.

The Fundamentals of Knife Skills

Forget rare spices and fancy gadgets—good knife skills are the single best way to improve your kitchen game. Take the tiny, confetti-like brunoise cut, which cooks vegetables evenly (and makes your food stunning in the process), or the chiffonade, which suffuses fragrant herbs into every bite without bruising or mess. This workshop is about building confidence and muscle memory, two secret ingredients in any masterful meal. You’ll leave feeling like a more empowered, efficient, and impressive home cook, ready to conquer any mise en place to cross your cutting board (and able to sharpen and care for your tools for years to come).

The Fundamentals of Cheese

Gone are the days of blindly fumbling through your grocery store’s cheese aisle. There’s a literal world of cheese out there, and this demonstration class will fill your proverbial passport. We’ll taste seven styles of cheese while answering FAQs like “Can I eat the rind?” and “What’s the deal with illegal cheese?” You’ll leave with a better understanding of why a Brie is soft and a Cheddar crumbly, plus cheesemonger-approved secrets for storage and tips on assembling the perfect board. Because cheese is best enjoyed with wine, we’ll have plenty of it.

The Louisiana Series: The World Is Your (Gulf) Oyster

Learning how to shuck your own oysters? Major New Orleans #goals. It’s one of many skills you’ll hone in this hands-on class, where we’ll go all out on the halfshell. Expect to learn the techniques for NOLA mainstay Oysters Rockefeller as well as broiled green curry oysters doused in cilantro butter, an addictively crispy pan-fried rendition with remoulade sauce, and raw oysters with delicate mignonette sauce (or cocktail sauce, if that’s more your speed!). When you walk back out of our doors, the world will be, well, your oyster.

Why Whiskey Matters

From smoky, peaty scotch to sweet Kentucky bourbon, there’s a dizzying world of whiskeys as varied and complex as that of wine or beer. Arguably no other spirit boasts such a diaspora of flavor profiles. We’ll guide you through tastings that span four continents and take a magnifying glass to the many factors, from the grains in the mash to the barrels used for aging, that come together inside your glass. Learn to choose the perfect pour and fully appreciate its dimension whether you’re enjoying it neat or on the rocks or spotlighting it in great cocktails.

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