When you love to eat, it helps to also love cooking

With our enthusiast classes, you can make a night of both. Drop in and deep-dive into everything from international cuisine to regional foodways, or try culinary school for a day with in-depth lessons on indispensable savory and pastry techniques. Prefer drinking to eating? We’ve also got classes to breathe life into your inner sommelier or mixologist. Demonstration classes start at $65/person and hands-on classes start at $130/person, and you’ll be fed a full meal (with drink pairings!) in each one.

Space is limited, so grab your tickets for a specific class, or head this way to buy a gift certificate.

Upcoming Enthusiast Courses

The Fundamentals of Quick Breads & Doughs

Learn these three basic doughs and ratios, and your world will open up to biscuits savory & sweet, tender quick breads, and pâte à choux.

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The Fundamentals of Cheese

Gone are the days of blindly fumbling through your grocery store’s cheese aisle. There’s a literal world of cheese out there, and this demonstration class will fill your proverbial passport.

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The Louisiana Series: The Lost Restaurants of New Orleans

The New Orleans food scene that we know today is the product of 300 years of brilliant cooks, beloved flavors, and shared techniques. Join us as we tip our hats to the past and feast in its honor.
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