The Scoop on Tanchi Kitchen, Our Students’ Pop-Up Cafe

“The idea behind Tanchi Kitchen was to get at what pre-Columbian Native Americans would have eaten,” says Sam Yampolsky (Culinary Arts, Fall 2019) in an interview with Gambit Weekly.

“Tanchi” is the Choctaw word for corn. Students chose the theme to pay homage to the cooking of indigenous people. Tanchi Kitchen will serve a three-course lunch at NOCHI (725 Howard Ave.), and proceeds benefit a NOCHI scholarship fund. Tickets are $30. The menu reflects the “three sisters,” an agricultural practice of growing corn, beans and squash together. The trio made up a large part of many native American diets. The students avoided proteins that were imported from Europe, focusing instead on game meats and shellfish that were potentially eaten in a hunter-gatherer society.

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