Our Students Remember Leah Chase

Our students share the lessons they learned from the late Leah Chase, one of New Orleans’ most influential food figures.

Leah Chase was part of the very fabric of New Orleans, and a key figure in the Civil Rights Movement… And now future chefs learning the craft that Chase perfected in the very same city say they’re ready to carry on the legacy inspired by the life of the Queen of Creole Cuisine. After five and a half months of intensive training, future culinary artists are about to graduate as the first class from the New Orleans Culinary and Hospitality Institute. Graduates hope to impress the taste buds of locals and tourists from around the world with flavors unique to New Orleans — but they know being successful means more than what goes on your fork, and they say those are part of the lessons they will carry forward from the late Chase.

Watch the full interview from 4WWL and read our students’ quotes here.

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