NOCHI is of, by, and for a diverse community of food lovers. Our mission is to provide a seat at the table for all people to bring their culinary passion to life. We’re a place where culinary and hospitality careers are developed and nourished, where locals and visitors from around the world can take enthusiast courses to build skill sets and confidence, and where everyone can find inspiration.

NOCHI is committed to promoting access and opportunity for the dreamers and doers who will further our city’s centuries-old legacy of hospitality and contribute to its ongoing evolution. The next generation of talent is fed and empowered here, and we’re building an inclusive, diverse community to support them. Together, we set a new standard for the future of culinary training and education.

NOCHI’s Governing Board

The governing board of NOCHI is composed of a blend of industry and civic leaders.

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NOCHI’s Donors

Supporting NOCHI provides you an opportunity to honor the past while embracing the future.

NOCHI is building on New Orleans’ legacy as a truly world-class culinary and hospitality city; we’re working to keep it this way for the next 300 years.

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